CTAOC is a Pentecostal Fellowship in Support of Ministers in: Ontario, British Columbia, Newfoundland, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Guyana, India, and the United Kingdom.

Church Triumphant Assemblies of Canada is a Fellowship of Ministers and Churches dedicated to the furtherance of the Gospel. We are a Full Gospel Pentecostal Fellowship with a desire to help those of like faith that are filled with the Spirit of God and have the calling of God on their lives for Gospel Ministry. Our Main Goals: 1 To provide a vehicle whereby Ministers of like faith will have a place to receive fellowship, teaching, counseling and helps to go forward in their varied Ministries and fulfill the call of God that is on their lives. 2 To be an instrument of support for missions and missionaries. 3 To help lift the standard of integrity in the Ministry. 4 To encourage Ministries to be accountable and honorable in their representation of the Gospel. 5 To bring together Ministers and Ministries to strengthening and encouragement in an attitude of co-operation, faithfulness and grace. 6 To provide regular Ministers Fellowship Meetings, seminars, workshops and special services.

What We Offer:

We provide license and Ordination credentials to qualified candidates for the purpose of Christian Ministry. We are fully registered with the Government of Canada to obtain marriage privilege for Ministers that are Ordained with Church Triumphant Assemblies of Canada.

President & Founder

Rev. Eric Lang 78 Peddle Drive, Grand Falls/Windsor NL A2B 1K8, Phone: (416)303-7447, Email: e.lang@rogers.com or ctaoc@rogers.com

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