Water Baptism

1. Water Baptism Symbolized In The Old Testament – Cor. 10:1-3

They were all brought under Moses’ direction and leadership. In Water Baptism, we are brought under the direction and leadership of our Master, the Lord Jesus Christ. Baptism indicated that the recipient declares himself dedicated to Jesus Christ, to His will, and to His work.

2. Water Baptism Introduced By John The Baptist – Matt. 3:5-6

John’s message in preparation for the coming of Christ was: “Repent and be Baptized,” Jesus, Himself submits to John’s Baptism – Matt. 3:13-17. Christ submitted that He might fully identify Himself with the lost race. God placed His approval upon that scene at the river Jordan, the day His Son was baptized. – Matt. 3:16-17

3. Water Baptism Commanded By Our Lord.

Matt. 28:19-20 “Go…Teach…Baptize.”
Matt. 3:15 “It becometh us to fulfill all righteousness.”
Mark 16:15-16 “He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved.” Peter said:
Acts 2:38-39 “Repent and be Baptized everyone.”
Acts 10:47-48 “Can any man forbid water, that these should not be
baptized…And he commanded them to be baptized.”

4. Water Baptism Practiced By The Early Church:

Acts 2:41 “Then they that gladly received His word were baptized.”
Acts 8:14 “When they believed , they were baptized, both men and women.”
Acts 8:35-39 EUNUCH – Answered, “I believe, and he baptized him.”
Acts 8:13 SIMON – “believed and was baptized.”
Acts 9:18 PAUL – “Received sight, arose, and was baptized.”
Acts 16:14-15 LYDIA – “She was baptized and her household.”
Acts 16:33 JAILER – “And was baptized, he and all his household.”
Acts 18:8 CRISPUS & CORINTHIANS – “Believed and were baptized.”
Acts 19:1-7 EPHESIANS – “Heard and were baptized.”

5.Water Baptism Identifies Us With Christ:

Romans 6:3-5 “Baptism is set forth in terms of death: death to the old life of sin. Burial: leaving behind those things which were displeasing to God, Resurrection: to rise in Newness of life in Christ Jesus to live for Him and His glory. Water Baptism is a Public Stand, renouncing the old life and accepting the new life in Christ Jesus. It is an outright act of an inward possession of faith and peace with God through Christ.

BAPTISM – Greek “Baptizo” means ‘to bury or immerse. We are not saved by Baptism, but rather baptized because we are saved. Always Repentance and Faith in Christ are put before baptism. What doth Hinder Me To Be Baptized? (Acts 8:36)